I’m going to be part of FANGAMER ♥ ATTRACT MODE this year!! It takes place on August 30th in Seattle during PAX, and features a ton of awesome artists. 

Here is my piece for one of my favorite games, Haunting Ground. I’ve wanted to do a nice piece for this game for a long time, so I’m happy with how this turned out.

I can’t make it to the show, but all you PAX-goers should definitely check it out and report back with photos!


Hi guys! I will be taking preorders for my sketchbook that I sold at Anime Expo, so people online can purchase one! Here’s how this will work:

You can place a preorder at http://kinuko.storenvy.com/products/8176863-kinuko-sketchbook-vol-1.

I will be taking preorders until July 31st. After that, I will be ordering a run of books based on those preorders and ship them out to everyone. The book will not be sold online after that, and you’ll have to catch me at Anime Expo next year to find it! 

The book is 6x9, black and white, and ~80 pages.

Again, these will only be up for sale online until July 31st, so snag one now if you’re interested. Thanks!


I’ll be at AX with these cool people! Hope to see you there!

D39- Alex Ahad/o_8

D40- Black & Persona

D41- Animoose & Brokentrain

D42- EU03

C66- Kinuko & Tyson

Also thank you, Karen, for the map!

Come visit me at Anime Expo this year, table C66!

This is the first time since 2009 that I’ve done an artist alley table. I’ll have my first ever sketchbook (80 pages!), a few prints, and I’ll be taking commissions. Please make sure to stop by!